COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) CLOSURE - Update from Mrs. Lang, 3/26/2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your overwhelming positive response to remote learning. Many of you have sent appreciation for the work that teachers have done to create lesson plans and keep your students learning at home. Our teachers are equally appreciative of YOUR work to keep children on target! My sympathy goes out to parents who are new to this! I too am homeschooling and experiencing this with you. I am challenged with schooling my children and continuing to keep up with my work load.

Here are a few things to know. First of all, we will continue with school closure in accordance with Gov. Doug Ducey's mandates for public schools. Currently, that closure is through April 10th which would put us back on campus after Easter, April 14th. That is subject to change and looking likely at this time. Therefore, our drive-thru operation will continue. All parents made the Friday pick-up and so this week we will only be offering a Friday exchange day. You should drop off your child's/children's work and pick-up next week's work. Please turn in work in a ziplock bag or the manila folder that was supplied to you by your child's teacher. Families may put all work in a grocery bag as long as each child's work is individually packaged within the larger grocery bag. 

Preschool families: Ms. Gabby will be sending you more instruction too! We would love to see what you are doing at home so text or email me with your updates, pictures and videos! Remember, we won't post to Facebook without your permission. 

Secondly, teachers will be back dating attendance in Gradelink determined on the completion of work and the individual requests they have made of you to show student work is being done. You may check your child's attendance for this week by next Tuesday. If you have any questions about the attendance that is recorded, please contact the teacher. 

Finally, due to the school closure, I have cancelled the standardized testing for the year. We are not able to give tests from home and have no clear timeline for the return to school. I apologize for this change but feel it is the best decision at this time. We will plan to proceed with testing next year. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear how your homeschooling experience is going. Send me videos and pictures! I pray this prayer for each of us,

"Lord, you have not promised us an easy path because we trust in you, but you have promised us hope and peace. Thank you for your love. Help us to remain strong and persistent in the path of challenge. Help us to see our blessings: home, food, family, and health. Keep us focused on you in the midst of this pandemic. Be with our national and world leaders, guide them with wisdom and discernment. Thank you that we live in a world with the scientific advancements and professionals to see harm and work to prevent it. Help us to adhere to the laws and recommendations with joyful hearts and dedication to our family and community. Guide parents and give them patience and wisdom as they lead their families and are isolated in homes. Thank you for the men and women who are working on the front lines of this epidemic to keep us safe and provide outstanding health care. Protect them from illness. In all things Lord, help us find joy and comfort in you! -Amen" 

God's peace,

Esther Lang