Faith Lutheran Preschool

Your child's preschool education is important to us.

We at Faith desire to build a child's foundation in Christ in his or her early years of education. We believe:

-The young child is a unique and special gift of God and that we should encourage the development of his or her self esteem and individuality. 

-Growth is God-ordained, and children should be free to develop in their own special way and time.

-Parents play the most important role in the life of a child, and our staff is here to support parents as they journey through parenthood.

View our handbook for an overview of daily schedules, specific policies, and our unique approach to your child's preschool years. 

Admission Info and Preschool Handbook

Finding a preschool is one of the most important tasks for parents of young children. We invite you examine our preschool handbook and explore admission information!